Emergency Towing

Specialised accident and emergency towing in NZ

Road accidents are a common occurrence in New Zealand, and must be cleared to avoid further accidents. Damaged vehicles occupying road space can cause a serious hazard to other drivers – so it’s vital that the correct accident recovery services are contacted immediately.

In our directory you will find towing companies who specialise in professional, efficient accident clean-up services. Within a short timeframe, their tow trucks will arrive to safely tow the damaged vehicles to the right locations, ensuring that debris is cleared and the site is adequately investigated.

What types of tow trucks are used for emergency towing?

Crane Boom Recovery refers to the use of heavy lifting cranes that are used to winch overturned vehicles back on their wheels. These are often used to pull vehicles out of ditches.

Hydraulic Winches are used to winch or dislodge stuck vehicles. These winches are capable of pulling various weights, and can be used to pull back vehicles that have left the roadway.

Slide Decks (Flat Beds) are trucks fitted with a flat metal deck that is hydraulically inclined and lowered to ground level, enabling the casualty vehicle to be loaded onto it either by driving or being winched onto the deck. The deck is then returned to the transportation position.

Hi-ab tow trucks are fitted with a hydraulic lifting arm, capable of fully lifting a motor vehicle. As they cause little interference with the vehicle, these are essential for use when towing serious/fatal motor vehicle accidents, in order to preserve evidence.

Transporting / Low Loader trucks are used especially for the towing of badly accident damaged vehicles, and other vehicles that cannot be towed behind a heavy tow truck.

For non-emergency towing, other types of tow trucks will be required for vehicles, machinery and breakdowns, or the relocation of cars  and trucks.

Call a tow truck for immediate assistance

Our towing directory includes companies who can provide a full range of towing services including towing illegal or unauthorised parking, repossessions, accidents or breakdowns.

If you need car towing, truck towing, roadside assistance, vehicle transport or machinery transport, heavy salvage, simply click on your nearest region to find the right towing company for you.

For more information about the directory, please contact us.

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