Roadside Assistance

For assistance with breakdowns, accidents and emergencies

Roadside assistance is a service provided by car towing and truck towing companies to assist motorists with minor mechanical breakdowns or problems. Roadside assistance can help with jump starting a vehicle, changing a flat tyre, providing a small amount of fuel when a car has run out, pulling a vehicle out when stuck in sand, mud or snow, or helping people who have been locked out of their vehicle.

Minor breakdowns can cause an inconvenience and sometimes a danger if the vehicle is immobilised on a busy road. Likewise being locked out of a vehicle can cause panic, especially if valuables, animals or children are locked inside. No matter your circumstances, roadside assistance can provide immediate help. Simply browse through our towing directory to find a company near you, and they will arrive swiftly with the right equipment to help you get back on the road.

If your vehicle has experienced a breakdown or accident, you may require breakdown recovery or emergency towing – please check to see which service is appropriate for you.

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