Car Towing

Professional New Zealand car towing services

Search through New Zealand’s towing directory to find car-towing services for a range of purposes. Whether you need breakdown assistance, emergency recovery, help with towing a car due to repossession or illegal parking, or simply the relocation of a vehicle, you’ll find a professional car towing service near you.

Ensure a swift service with the right equipment and the help of trained professionals – search for a car towing service in our car towing directory.

Different types of car tow trucks

The type of car towing truck required will depend on the size and weight of your vehicle, whether or not it has been damaged, and whether or not it is drivable or immobilised.

Our car towing companies use the right car towing trucks to suit your situation; read about the different types of equipment here.

Find the right tow truck service for you

Whether you need a tow truck to tow away a vehicle for illegal or unauthorised parking, repossessions, accidents or breakdowns, you’ll find what you need in our towing company directory.

For truck towing, roadside assistance and machinery transport, just click on your closest region to find a towing company near you.

For more information about the directory, please contact us.

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